Dead Skin on Toes

Dead skin flakes off toes,
the red of blood doesn’t mean stop
but it’s time to finally pass go.
The sweat goes from bitter to sweet
every mile broken.

Toenails kept short,
for fear they’ll break and cut
toes taped together ankles wrapped.
Not beaten or broken
just on the path of getting stronger.

The top of each hill is beauty,
breath taken away,
but only for an instance,
the next hill is along the horizon.

Dead skin flakes off toes,
the start of a journey
no one plans to take.

The Heat of Sin

Tempt me with your sensitive shinning eyes
I want to taste the heat of sin
Pain is no longer worrying
the devil has left me burned and branded
and I see him in your eyes.


I touched heaven once
only for a second
and it burned with passions
I could not understand.

My fingertips were made smooth
by an unknown light,
and I saw you
waiting with smoky eyes.

I could not feel
yet I was warmer than I’d ever been.
I could not breath
yet I grasped for air.

I touched heaven once
not my heaven
nor your heaven
but a heaven that took my breath away.

June has been a really busy mouth for me, so far. I know that that means I should write even more poems, but I wake up every morning at 7:30 and get to bed every night around midnight. I haven’t had time to write. My mind has been wholly preoccupied.
Now, I’m not trying to make excuses, I’m definitely going to get a poem out today, but I just want you guys to know where I’ve been. I’ve been spending all my time looking for a new job and have had so many interview this past week. Time finally caught up with me.
I’m getting back in the saddle as of today. I’m also gonna start preparing for July, in which I’m going to be personally writing two poems a day! One for this site and one for NaNoWriMo!
Anyway, happy June!


I was once content
sitting on the sidelines
watching others succeed.
I had no ambition,
no dreams.

I was once content
thinking that life would
just fall into place.
I had no worries,
no fears.

I was once content...

Now I sit up at night
wondering how life could have unfolded
if I took a second to care,
to plan.

I was once content,
pleasing as life is
I'm no longer content.


nothing remained the same.
I’m constantly changing
to understand
how I’ll fit into this world.

nothing changed.
I’m too afraid
to understand
how I’ll fit into this world.