Welcome home, she said, with a blank look on her face.
I did not feel welcomed.
My bags were heavy and so was my heart.
She did not look up.
How are you doing? I asked,
not really looking for an answer, but hoping to be asked in return.
What? Fine... I'm fine. She said,
distracted as ever.
I headed towards the bedroom, there was no love for me there.
There was no love for me anywhere.
My dog wouldn't even wag his tail at my return,
he's such as old dog.
Maybe I'm an old dog too.
Has it really been that long?
I once was young and vital.
I once had a wife who would do anything for me.
I once had children who thought I was a hero.
Where had life brought me?
Sitting on this bed
I see nothing but a dark, lonely room.
I look back and think I did great things,
but why didn't that greatness last?
Why did everyone forget?
Why did they move on?
I once was great
in the eyes of those who mattered.
Now I'm great to no one.
I turned on the light
and couldn't find what I was looking for.
I turned off the light.

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