Stupid freaking cat
jumping on the counter.
Throwing things off
just so she can have a sit.

Stupid freaking cat
tearing up furniture.
Turning hundreds of dollars
into a scratching post.

Stupid freaking cat
stealing the chicken from the pot.
Too good for the food
that we place at your feet.

Stupid freaking cat
jumping into the shower
then immediately realizing
water was never your friend.

Stupid freaking cat
terrorizing your sister.
She’s already neurotic enough
she doesn’t need your help.

Stupid freaking cat
getting startled
falling to the floor
then playing it off by licking yourself.

Stupid freaking cat
sitting in front of the door
and meowing until I open
and pay you attention.

Stupid freaking cat
I love you for being
the stupid cat that you are.


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