Falling back into darkness
is not as terrible as disappointing others.

People who look up
towards successful people,
don’t know that they once looked up too.

“If I want to be
where I want to be,
then I have to take the right steps.”
It’s not about just doing things,
it’s about doing them with purpose.

Does success allow me to be happy?
Will I be afraid when what I love
doesn’t coincide with my success?

This feeling
I’ve been missing.
Creating brings on more creation
and I hope that this thing,
that has brought me to success,
continues to allow me to get this feeling.

That feeling is everything.
It truly means everything to me.

I can’t express how nervous success makes me.
I’m an introvert,
by nature,
and I don’t understand why success
has to take that away from me.

It’s exciting
to fail
and then to get back up
because that is my success.

I can’t say, yet, what success will bring me,
but I know that I’ll still be working towards it.
This territory,
is worth every second of my life.


2 thoughts on “The Unexplored Territory of Success

  1. I wish I were successful with my writing, but I never will. I’ve tried to be successful for the past three years. It’s like running down a road hoping it will end, but it never does.


    1. I feel like success is never something we ever truly see. Success is interpreted by others, not the individual. Personally, I think success is when I can inspire others. If I can start conversation on a subject that was left in the dark, or if I can start up dialogue where there once wasn’t any, then I think I’ve been successful.

      Yes, I know that, in our society, success seems to be determined by how much money we have or by how many people know your name, but I feel like you, the individual, define your own success.

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