It started, as most things start, with a simple question:
The question is unimportant
the answer was Google.
Millions of results,
a 7 year old computer
It’s dying
I click on the first result
Must be a bad site,
404 or something
I Backtrack.
second result(?)
Frustration is building.
Do I still even care about the answer?
One more try…
Maybe I worded the question incorrectly?
Delete; reword; enter.
I know THIS site!
Should work now.
Maybe I should just get a new computer
and pay 50 billion dollars for super fast internet
and find the perfect way to word the question
and have a super-computer cross analysing data
from millions of sites…
Oh, this one looks like it’s working!
Giant ad starts to play…
Fuck this,
I’m done.

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