Arguing that people have it worse off
doesn’t make life easy.
I’ve had dreams that fell flat,
I’ve had hopes that still burn strong in the background of my soul,
as I spend my days doing this, as opposed to that.
And it has nothing to do with not having it easy,
I’ve definitely had it easy.
I’ve had parents who could give me anything
(but chose to spend more on themselves)
I’ve had great schooling
(but no real direction)
I’ve had jewels where others have had only straw.
But jewels don’t feed livestock,
jewels are only adorned on the necks of those too stupid to feed themselves.
Jewels are beautiful things for beautiful people who only want
Straw, on the other hand, can be made into a hut or a hat
(to shelter)
Can be used to warm on a cold night
Can be woven into a basket to carry goods.
Maybe I’m being a bit old fashioned
but beauty isn’t my end goal.
My end goal starts with understanding.
Understanding that not everyone had it easy
(like me).
Understanding that everyone had their struggles
(or have their struggles)
And that as human beings we don’t need to exert the energy to argue about who has it worse off
Why not put all that energy into helping each other
so that in the future we can all say
This is the Life.



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